Finally…..xanga is allowing me to upload a picture. I tried to do this yesterday, but it wouldn’t le me.  Above is a picture of our new (well new to us anyways) vehicle.  This isn’t the exact vehicle, but close.  We have running boards and stuff.  I called the dealership and they are still working on repairs of the vehicle.  It should be ready sometime tomorrow afternoon.  So we will have it for the weekend to get accustomed to it.   I am glad when all will be done as it has been interfering with my work schedule since I had to take care of stuff, etc. 

Last night church was very enjoyable.   For parent time we really jsut chatted.  We talked about the recent prayer conference and the upcoming hoidays.  Tommy even participated in some songs with the big kids.  He was really opening up.  He doesnt’ always like to do actions to songs at school or church.  He will do them at home, but no where else. 

The rest of the evening was pretty laid back.  Once home from church, I gave Tommy a bath, started some laundry and went to bed to begin reading my new book.   I received my order from yesterday.  So I started reading Da Vinci Code.  I am really enjoying it so far.  I love books that get my attention from the very beginning.  So I have put the Secret Life of Bees down again to read the Da Vinci Code.   I am still listening to “I know this much is true” by Wally Lamb while commuting.   I have appointments this afternoon so I will be able to listen an extra hour today.  YEAH!! 

Well I am done with my lunch, time to get back to work.  Later!

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  1. Pretty vehicle! I had a 1995 GMC Jimmy (pretty much the same thing as a Blazer). It was teal green and had a great stereo. I sold it in 2000 and got a 2001 Chevy Tahoe (in pewter).

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