Well I am done with my nap that never occurred. Argh…kids coming in and out and BIL coming over to use the printer. So I got up and got started on my chores. I can always go to bed early tonight, much easier than taking a nap. I have taken my hubby’s summer clothes out of the drawers and replaced them with his new winter clothes we bought the other night. I think he needs to go through and throw somethings out. But it is hard to get him to do that. He will wear it until it falls off his body and slowly disappears (wife finally throws it)!

I am off to cut up some things for supper. I make a large batch of salbury steak. I suppose I should make my menu and grocery list so I can get groceries tonight. Hmmm….yea, I guess that should take priority. later!!! I might post my menu later if I remember!

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  1. Your husband sounds lots like mine…..only mine hasn’t gone shopping for clothes for himself in…..YEARS! Either I have to buy them (and usually take them back because they don’t fit) or he gets them for gifts. It’s FRUSTRATING!

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