I think I had a pretty productive day today. Work went fine, I got my desk pretty much cleared off, with a small to do pile to take care of in the morning. I went out on a homevisit, but the family must have forgotten. So that wasted a bit of my time, but I did get to listen to my book on tape a bit extra so that is a bonus.

I came home to make a quick supper than it was off to Sam’s Club!! OH MY, did I end up spending some money there. They had Levi’s on sale for hubby for 22.00 a real good price, so I bought him three pairs and a number of sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts for work. He was in need of clothes badly. We also had to buy black and color ink for the printers. We were all out after the huge print hubby did for the prayer conference. We should get reimbursed for that though. Then the rest was jsut household stuff, laundry deteregent, diapers, etc.

Once home hubby put all the stuff away with help for our oldest boy. I gave Tommy a bath and cleaned the bathroom. I figure it is always a great time to clean the bathroom since I have to be in there supervising Tom anyways. Time to finish the rest of my list. Little tommy didn’t go to bed very well tonight, he climbed over the gate and out his room numerous times.

I am so happy I actually got my list all done. My hubby was wonderful and did the laundry for me. I didn’t even ask him to. That is always such a blessing.

Locate my winter gloves….BRRRRR
(hubby did for me…YEAH)
Sam’s Club Run
Pay Bills

Well I am off to review my voice mail log for work. I think I have a few more people to call tomorrow. Then it is bedtime…….Night!! Have a great Friday!!!

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  1. I love to hate sams club 🙂  Some things are okay there, and it’s a fun place to go, but I’m finding more and more that if I pay attention I can get things much cheaper elsewhere.  Do you really find cheaper diapers there?!  Maybe it’s just a difference in location…

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