Well the snow has gone and the city is a mushy mess.   Today is definitely a high Mt Dew day.  ARGH!!  I thought I was tired yesterday, actually almost dozed off on the way home from work last night twice.  Last night Tommy was up from 2:00 to 5:00am.  I had to cancel a meeting this morning as I just couldn’t in good conscience go out on the road with that much of a deficeit of sleep.   So Tommy and I slept for 5 am to about 10am.  Then we got ready and headed off to daycare and work.  I am not sure what is going on with Tom.  He is getting his two year molars, has a runny nose and isn’t sleeping well.  If he doesn’t sleep tonight I am taking him to the Dr tomorrow to have his ears checked.  I can’t imagine that he has an ear infection as he was jsut at the Dr last Monday for a recheck from his previous ear infection. 

I have a meeting late this afternoon to meet a new client.   I hope to work from home tomorrow so I can get caught up on paperwork and be at home in case I need to take Tom to dr.  I am so lucky my employment is so flexible.   I am off to lakeville, MN for an appointment.  Later! 


Get Some sleep
Feed family

If I get that done I will be fine……..

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