What a nice relaxing family day we had!    We lounged around in our PJ’s and open Santa Gifts.  Tommy loved his Diego Playset from Santa. 

Mom's 003

Tommy bought presents for his family this year with his money he gets from the neighbors for getting their mail while they are at their cabin.   He went to the dollar store and bought each of us something he thought we would like.

Daddy Got Snacks…

Mom's 001

Mamma received chocolate cookies and a angel …..

Mom's 002 

(don’t I look thrilled to be out of bed, Tommy actually didn’t wake up too early, thankfully!) 

Our afternoon was quiet and then we all helped to make supper.  Our menu consisted of King Crab Legs, Cheddar Biscuits, Vegetable Medley and Party Potatoes.   We enjoy a few glasses of sparkling juice.  After supper Josh and Amy ran some of the left over crab legs to her parents.   Once they came home we played Deal or No Deal.  Tommy loved saying NO DEAL!!!  

Then it was off to bed….a lovely day that is for sure!!!

Today, I am back to work and our regular routine.  That is nice in  way as well…..Have a great week!!


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  1. Hello! Thanks for coming by my site. I really love your site, along with your other website. Beautiful, and so welcoming 🙂

    Hope your family enjoys the holidays!

    PS- Love your cute family picture 🙂



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